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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Boos weren't directed at Sarah Palin show says. Videos here.

Given the negative reaction to those boos heard during last night’s telecast of Dancing with the Stars, the producers will go the extra mile during this evening’s telecast and show that the crowd was directing their disdain toward the judges, not the visiting Sarah Palin. Many viewers misunderstood that the boos were meant for Palin, who had attended to the show to watch her daughter Bristol and was later interviewed on camera by host Tom Bergeron.

Bergeron told EW today that the audience actually had a bone to pick with the judges and the scores they gave Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough. “We are going to show footage from another camera angle. Thank God we had a camera on the grassy knoll!” quips Bergeron. “You’ll see the judges basically taking on the audience. They were upset they they gave Jennifer Grey an 8.

“It was taken out of context. I can see how people made that assumption. That’s the great thing about live TV. You never know what’s going to happen. As innocuous as it may be, sitting down and talking to the mom of one of the contestants, regardless of her notoriety, it’s turned into this major imbroglio. You gotta love that!”

Bergeron doesn’t regret taking the time to chat up Bristol’s mom, however. “I think it was worth the time to talk to Sarah. Politics aside, she’s charming. I was talking to her as a dad to a mom. You’d have to be crazy to have one of the most recognizable personalities in your audience and not take a moment to talk to her.” (Source Hollywood Insider) . 


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