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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Court issues restraining order against Palin, Cole stalker

An Anchorage court issued restraining orders yesterday against Shawn R. Christy, 18, of Pennsylvania, on behalf of Wasilla residents Kristan Cole and former Gov. Sarah Palin, according to court documents.

The protective orders say Christy has been stalking the families since 2009.

Cole said she became concerned about Christy’s letters and e-mails 15 or 16 months ago, but it ended up in court yesterday after the man called her to say his plane had landed in Alaska.

“When someone sends you proof that they’ve purchased weapons. Proof that they know where you live. And said that they are looking into purchasing a one-way plane ticket to Alaska and then calls from a cell phone with a 907 number, it’s over the line and we need protecting.”

Cole testified that Christy sent a letter in August 2010 saying that “he tried to follow the bible but had evil and wickedness in him.” She said Christy told her that he is convinced she is evil and must be punished.

Christy also claims to have had a sexual relationship with Gov. Palin, the documents say. “Petitioner testified that respondent has told her that he has had an affair with Gov. Palin and that petitioner needs to tell the FBI the truth about the affair.”

Attorney Thomas Van Flein, who represented Palin and Cole at the hearing Monday, also provided evidence that the Secret Service investigate Christy alleging that he had threatened or said he want to sexually assault Gov. Pailn.

Cole said Wasilla Police Department also helped the two families put together a safety plan.

“I can’t say enough good about the Wasilla Police,” Cole said. (Continues here)

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