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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Let's remind the media about our "brilliant" president! Watch!

Obama's toast to the Queen goes awry
26/05/2011 7:25 am

US President Barack Obama was left with egg on his face in Buckingham Palace last night as his toast to Queen Elizabeth II went embarrassingly wrong.

Only two days after the most powerful man in the world could do no wrong on this side of the water, he showed that nobody is infallible after continuing a toast to the Queen despite the fact that the band had cut in and had started to play the national anthem.

At a state function in Buckingham Palace last night, Obama introduced his toast to her majesty before pausing for effect, only to be suddenly interrupted by the band who had cracked into ‘God Save the Queen’ in the interim period.

Not to be deterred, Obama proceeded with the toast while the music played in the background, while a bemused Queen Elizabeth cast a few awkward glances in his direction.

The event soon became like something out of a Ricky Gervais comedy as Obama committed yet another embarrassing gaffe mid-speech, urging everyone present to raise a glass to the Queen only to be horrified to find that he was the only one doing so, with everyone else waiting until the band had finished playing.

About 20 seconds after Obama had first done so, everyone present raised a glass once the band had finished playing, including President Obama, who carried the air of a man who knew he had messed up bad.

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