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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weiner's exchanges with a teacher!

Weinergate took a lurid new direction with the disclosure yesterday that Rep. Anthony Weiner invited a "hot sexy baby" to an X-rated date via the Skype network, which provides text, talk and video chats.

Racy new e-mails -- sent just a month ago -- detail exchanges between Weiner and Traci Nobles, the 34-year-old Georgia teacher and cheerleading coach who has surfaced as his fifth sexting partner.

"i cant stop thinking about you. I'm touching myself as we speak. i want you inside of me. i need to see you mr. congressman. please don't disappoint me!" Nobles wrote on May 5, according to Radar Online.

Weiner, who had corresponded with the woman since August, replied the next day: "Please understand i am a very important man. I'm always busy but i promise i will make time for you soon! Don't the pictures I send keep you satisfied?"

The following day Weiner suggested they take it to another level:

"So i will make sure to keep some time open so we can have a cyber session via skype. Does that make my hot sexy baby happy?" (Continues here)

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