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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Palin changes Facebook profile from 'Republican' to 'Conservative'

She has always been known as a Tea Party darling as well as a staunch Republican.

But now Sarah Palin has nailed her political colours to the mast and changed her Facebook profile from Republican to 'Conservative'.

The move on the 'political views' section of her page has left political commentators struggling to decipher what the the former Alaska governor is trying to say.

One long-time blogger and Palin supporter wrote:  'I suppose one could draw a multitude of conclusions regarding this status change.

'I know that I certainly have. You can be certain that any move Sarah Palin makes has been well thought out and is with purpose.

'Could she possibly be sending a message to the RNC that they need to strengthen the conservative planks of the Republican party.

'Perhaps her promise of 'sudden and  relentless reform' as addressed in her Indianola speech and more recently in her October 7th St. Louis speech is a sign that as in the past, neither party is safe from her scrunity.

'One thing is for sure, time will tell.'

The news comes as polls continued to indicate that Republicans aren’t sold on Mitt Romney and they’ve been looking for other presidential candidates.

At least eight other Republicans have seen their standings soar in GOP primary surveys since the beginning of the year. (Continues here)

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