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Thursday, November 24, 2011

RIP Joy Behar HLN Show

Joy Behar's HLN talk show has been canceled after two years, the network confirmed Thursday.
"I am very proud of the show that we created at HLN and I owe tremendous thanks to the show team who made it possible," Behar, 69, said in a statement.

"The Joy Behar Show" will continue until the end of the year and the network will announce its replacement in the coming weeks.

The program launched in 2009 at the 8:00pm EST time slot but was moved to 10:00pm EST in January 2011. (Continues)

So far, reports do not indicate the reason given for canceling Behar’s show, though often poor ratings or lack of willing sponsors factor into the equation.
Whatever the reason, some in the media, like Fox News host Bill O‘Reilly think the decision to cancel Behar’s show was right. Using a clip of actress Ellen Barkin blasting Fox News and O‘Reilly on Behar’s program, “The Factor” host blasted:
Well, here’s the problem with Ms. Barkin’s statement: It’s a flat-out lie. I have never mentioned Ellen Barkin on this broadcast. Ever. And I would never call her names.
Now. We know Ms. Behar. We know what she does. And today HLN announced she will no longer be doing it on that network; her show is finished at the end of the year. But the Headline News operation — and CNN, which is the parent company have an obligation not to allow blatant lies on their air, and to challenge statements that are provocative, like that one. (Continues)


Anonymous said...

I never agree with EgoReilly, for obvious reasons: he's staunchly conservative and against woman's rights. However, I'll have to say that whether or not Mr. Oreilly's reasons for approval of the Behar cancellation are valid and/or accurate, I agree with him. Further, I believe that both television infotainment and women will be better off without her show.

I was never a fan of her other show, The View, because of the tendency of the co-hosts to all talk at once, making it impossible to understand what they were saying, or even tolerate the noise their unified voices created, but because Behar actively spoke out against Hillary Clinton and her candidacy for the Dem nomination for president. Joy was so obviously smitten with Obama's alleged charms, she was apparently unable to keep herself from declaring her undying love for him often and loudly. So eager was Ms. Behar to assuage her white guilt, and to prove that she was NOT a racist, that she proclaimed Obama's perfection every time she was in front of a camera. In so doing, she actually demonstrated that she was, in fact, racist. By lending her unfailing support to Obama, primarily (solely)
because he was bi-racial (black), she demonstrated clear racism. No criticism or questioning of his ability could be tolerated by Ms. Behar - apparently believing that African Americans/White individuals can't measure up to the standards that apply to candidates of other races, and that they should not be held to those standards. How demeaning. How that diminishes African Americans.

So, no, I'm not sorry to see Behar go. How the hell she ever got that job (other than she met CNN's sole qualification for talk show host, news anchor, reporter, basically any position: unwavering, explicit support of Barack Obama).

Good-bye, Joy. And, from this feminist's perspective - good riddance.


Amarissa said...

"Good-bye, Joy. And, from this feminist's perspective - good riddance." is right! Thank you for your comments!