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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jon Stewart Mocks Sequester Panic

Jon Stewart entered full-on panic mode over the imminent across-the-board spending cuts with a segment Monday night for the recurring segment, “Sequester 2013: Prelude to the Return of the Barter System.”

As Stewart reviewed increasingly dire predictions from cable news, he got more and more agitated until he strapped on a hazmat suit and shouted, “We’re doomed!” When he found out it sets in just four days, he exclaimed, “Four days? That’s not enough time to do anything. We couldn’t even tow a cruise ship full of diarrhea to Alabama in four days.”

Samantha Bee, reporting “live from Washington,” was not taking the impending doom any easier. Acting as if the world is ending, Bee told Stewart that she’s “bucket-lisitng” and he should be, too.

What did he think President Obama‘s golf game with Tiger Woods was all about? And Michelle Obama dancing with Jimmy Fallon and handing out Oscars? Those are clearly only things a president and first lady would do if they knew the world was ending.

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