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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stewart Tears Into Robert Gibbs For MSNBC Gig

Jon Stewart tonight acknowledged the life of a press secretary can be challenging, trying to be a human shield against “what’s actually going on.” And recently, former Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs made the leap from the White House to MSNBC, where he basically admitting to lying to the press and the public about the existence of the U.S. drone program. Stewart was amazed at Gibbs’ flippant nature in admitting this, asking if it actually bothers him that he was told by the administration to lie.

Stewart first noticed how Gibbs appears to have already received his “retro-framed analo-glasses” that apparently everyone wears at MSNBC. He ran a bunch of clips during Gibbs’ reign as press secretary refusing to answer questions about a possible drone program. Stewart said that if anyone ever reacts to a question by saying “if I did know something, I wouldn’t tell you,” they know something.

Contrast that with Gibbs now openly admitting he was told by the Obama administration not to even publicly acknowledged it. Stewart could only imagine what other secrets Gibbs has been withholding, maybe that the Interior Department invented AIDS and the same chemical makeup is in all our soda.

Stewart couldn’t believe Gibbs was just glibly admitting to outright lies, asking, “Did it bother you, Mr Gibbs?” He also found it odd that with all of Gibbs’ apparent objections to wanting to lie to the public, he didn’t step down in protest. But, as Stewart pointed out, “what are you going to do, quit? Get another job? In the Obama economy?” (Continues) Click image to watch video

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