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Monday, May 13, 2013

Chuck Todd: IRS Scandal Has ‘More Legs Politically’ In '14 Than Benghazi.

“Welcome to the second term, Mr. President,” Tom Brokaw remarked on Monday’s Morning Joe, as the panel veered again into a discussion about the scandal regarding the IRS targeting conservative political groups — for which it has apologized. Chuck Todd, too, weighed in on the matter, questioning why more Democrats haven’t been more outraged.

President Obama needs to go public and deem the IRS’ actions outrageous and unacceptable, Brokaw asserted. He needs to find those responsible and clean house. It’s not a political issue, Brokaw contended — “it’s about trusting your government.”

Todd jumped into the discussion, asserting that Obama had a chance to address the issue on Friday during a health care event. It was a wasted opportunity, and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney‘s “very weak” response wasn’t sufficient. (Continues)

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