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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sarah Palin's relevance after Fox according to POLITICO

Yes, there is life after Fox News.
Sarah Palin
With a passionate fan base and a powerful social media presence that can launch hundreds of thousands of clicks, Palin’s life after Fox has been just as influential — and divisive — as during her tenure on the network, observers say.

She joined Fox News as a paid contributor in 2010, after she had resigned as Alaska governor. This January, Fox News confirmed the three-year run with the former Republican vice presidential nominee was over.

Even without a formal arrangement, Palin still gets her name out there often on Fox News, with 135 mentions in the past 90 days on the network, according to TVEyes. And Fox News has hardly blacklisted her as a news subject — Palin’s comments on social media and her speeches at the Conservative Political Action Conference and the recent National Rifle Association convention in Texas have been clipped and discussed on the network.

“She really took to Facebook and Twitter, and for whatever anyone may think of her or say about her, that’s given her a certain foundation for continuing to voice her opinions,” said Liz Mair, a Republican communications strategist who served as online communications director at the Republican National Committee in 2008.

“I think her objective was to make traditional media filters fairly irrelevant for her purposes, and I think she’s actually succeeded pretty well in doing that,” Mair added. “In many regards, she has succeeded in building those tools and getting away from traditional media dominance in a way that is highly enviable to those on both sides of the aisle.”

And even without her gig as a regular on Fox News, Palin still garnered much of the same coverage in the first four months of this year as she did in 2012, according to the Nexis database. From January 2012 to May 2012, Palin received 223 mentions in newspapers; 69 in Web-based publications, such as,, POLITICO and; 563 in blogs; and her name appeared in 46 news transcripts, for a total of 901 mentions. During the same period this year, in her post-Fox News life, Palin’s still very much in the conversation, with 118 mentions in newspapers, 55 in Web-based publications, 726 in blogs and 12 in news transcripts, for a total of 911 mentions, and she also wrote an op-ed for the conservative website Breitbart.

Fox News was never “the foundation of her public personality at all,” Mair said. “If somebody took Facebook or Twitter away from Sarah Palin, then that would have a significant impact on her media profile.”

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