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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Comedian won

Minnesota Supreme Court Backs Franken
June 30, 2009 2:20 ABCNews

ABC's David Chalian reports: The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled in favor of comedian-turned-Democratic candidate Al Franken in his prolonged battle to become a US Senator.
Out of more than 2.4 million votes cast, Franken bested Republican Norm Coleman by 312 votes. Today’s court ruling appears to be the near final step in this extremely extended process.
Mr. Franken’s defeat over Sen. Coleman provides Democrats with a super-majority in the United States Senate with 60 seats on their side of the aisle. President Obama clearly won’t be able to count on all 60 votes on every single issue, but it certainly provides a boost to the White House and Harry Reid as they enter into policy negotiations with the Republican leadership in the Senate.
It takes 60 votes to cut off a filibuster in the United States Senate. The seating of Al Franken potentially robs an embattled Republican Party of one of the strongest weapons of opposition in its arsenal. (continues...)

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