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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Obama's popularity will give

Obama's slip is showing: The public likes his big plans much less than it likes him, and that can't
June 21, 2009 - NY Daily News - By Michael Goodwin

One of President Obama's favorite words is "unsustainable." It also happens to be the perfect description of his standing with the American people.
Polls consistently find he is personally more popular than his major policies. That situation is unsustainable - something has to give. The first law of politics says the two must eventually get in sync.
Bet that Obama's popularity will give. In part that's because, even if he wanted to, he can't undo the big policies the public doesn't like, especially his adding to the deficit and his aggressive push to get government more involved in private industry.
Another reason is that Obama doesn't want to change course and ridicules those who think he should. At a Democratic fund-raiser Thursday, the President reportedly mimicked a robot as he called criticism of his policies "predictable."
His partisan audience yukked it up, but the last laugh may be on Dems who follow their audacious leader too closely. Dem gains in the last two elections came primarily from conservative-leaning districts and some members already are worried about re-election. If the tide turns against Obama, they could be in trouble.
Yet Obama, like George Bush, seems to be digging a foxhole and insisting he is right and the public is wrong. We know how that worked out for Bush and the GOP. CONTINUES...

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