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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Britain must not sacrifice Trident to please Obama

British defence policy should not be dictated by the hugely naïve worldview of Barack Obama, whose vanity-driven vision of a nuclear-free world is a pipedream that bears no relation to current reality.

Telegraph - By Nile Gardiner
As the Telegraph has reported, President Obama has called for a 30-nation summit in Washington next March to discuss nuclear non-proliferation. This follows a reckless preliminary agreement between Obama and Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow to cut America’s nuclear stockpile and delivery systems by up to a third, a deal which is stunningly good for the Russians but hugely damaging for America’s interests.
In the wake of the Moscow summit, Gordon Brown has hinted he may include scrapping or weakening the Trident nuclear deterrent as part of a global agreement on non-proliferation. Eager to please the Obama White House, the Prime Minister has signaled his willingness to reduce Britain’s 160 warheads as well as the number of nuclear submarines. This will be music to the ears of left-wing Labour backbenchers eager to see Trident obliterated.
This is all premised on the ludicrous notion that rogue states such as North Korea and Iran will pledge to end their nuclear weapons programmes, despite not a shred of evidence they will do so. (continues here)

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Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

Dmitry Medvedev and Putin must be laughing their Russian butts off at the way they have so easily manipulated Obama. Every time I hear people say that Obama is so astute and how great it is to "finally" have an "intelligent" President, I want to hurl.