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Friday, July 17, 2009

Dems hit Palin, Crist in new ad for not serving out their full terms

I don’t know where to begin. For starters, the ad’s called “Quitters” — but Crist hasn’t quit. His term runs out in 2011, around the time he’ll be sworn in as senator if he wins the Florida election. But never mind that. The Democrats running this spot less than a year after The One was elected is kind of like Republicans running an ad claiming that being governor of California isn’t relevant presidential experience circa 1981. Not only did Obama quit his Senate seat mid-term to assume the presidency, he was famously absent for scores of floor votes during the few years he did serve because he was too busy chasing his own ambition. And all that after declaring in 2004, shortly before he was sworn in as a senator, that the only way he could run for president in 2008 is if he started campaigning immediately — which he essentially proceeded to do. (See the second clip below for a refresher.) Which state’s voters got the bigger shaft — Alaska’s, via a governor who stepped aside so that someone could take over the position full time, or Illinois’s, via a guy who couldn’t be bothered to show up to work for weeks at a time?

See full article and ad video in Hot Air Blog

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