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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Did White House deliberately want to outstage Hillary?

Aides to Secretary of State Clinton have been hyping her foreign policy speech today as a breakout party, where she would promote President Obama’s overseas agenda and re-assert her diplomatic bonafides.
The upbeat advance press for Clinton’s speech was breathtaking and it appeared she would be the story of the day. But then President Obama scheduled an event at the same hour in the Rose Garden, appearing with nurses to attack insurance companies over what he sees as lousy health care coverage.
Not surprisingly, the cable news networks carried Obama’s remarks live as Clinton began to speak. Fortunately for Clinton, at least one cable network eventually flashed to Clinton, but not until after the President stopped speaking.
Naturally, the White House said it was sheer coincidence and there was no intention to play dueling speeches. Read more

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Annie said...

He is sinister, plain and simple.