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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet on why she resigned from the American Medical Association

Today I learned that the AMA has issued an “unqualified endorsement” of the House Bill for health insurance overhaul. In my opinion, the AMA has sold out doctors, and most importantly, our patients, in supporting this government take over of our most private and personal freedom – our choices about when, where, and with whom we will have medical care when we are sick.
As a protest against their support of the House Health”care” Bill, I have resigned from the AMA after nearly thirty years of membership.
Health “care” is a misnomer these days. It is more aptly called health “business” or services or insurance or policy. “Care” seems to have gone the way of the Dodo bird…every stakeholder in the game is looking out for their bottom line. Few seem to be looking out for patients. And reform? That’s not accurate either. What’s happening is a massive government “take-over” of all of your choices for your medical services.
The 2009 House Bill specifically has a provision (see page 16) that would outlaw individual private health insurance coverage. Other proposals carry heavy financial or tax penalties for those who keep private insurance – if you can even buy it at all. The House Bill has specific language stating that no more new private policies can be written after the government plan “option” becomes law. That is a truly staggering violation of your freedom to choose your health care options for you and your family.
Most people will simply not have a “choice” about being in the “public” (meaning government run) plan. Various experts have estimated that 120 million Americans will lose their private insurance coverage as employers cut costs and send employees to the government plan that is 30-40% cheaper because taxpayers are providing the cost subsidies. Within two years, the private insurance market won’t have enough customers left to keep it alive. Another “dodo bird”…Extinct. (continues...)


Annie said...

That is deep. Big thanks.

Anonymous said...

How can people with insurance(life time coverage after 2 terms), great paying jobs and savings(DISPOSABLE INCOMES), payoffs from insurance companies? Fix there faces too say "Most people will simply not have a “choice” about being in the “public” (meaning government run) plan." Poor hard working people don't have choice all we have is hope. And hopefully health care. Thanks

Janie & Chris said...

If you are serious about choice, than let the people without coverage die, take away their medication and kick them out of every hospital. Is that what you support? Then come out and say so. The way it is without reform, everyone is already covered, but the price is out of control, costing us honest, middle income families more. Run the numbers.

I can't wait to opt into a less expensive, government run health care plan. I'm thrilled that no one I know will be treated by you. Good riddens.

Amber Palmer said...

I have just recently read "Screaming To Be Heard" and loved it. It really confirmed all my theories as to what and why I was experiencing such extreme symptoms premenstrually. And after reading this book I made a doctor's appointment and received medication (based on Dr Vliet's recommendations) that have helped me tremendously.

But I would not have been able to do this if it weren't for government subsidised health insurance. I live in Minnesota and receive MinnesotaCare - health insurance for working adults and their dependents, who do not receive health insurance from their employers (employers have already stopped offering insurance, regardless of public option) I have a choice of different insurance plans, doctors and clinics and have never felt the level of care I received as lacking. I do pay a monthly premium but it is much lower than it would be through private insurance - meaning I can actually afford it rather than going without, which would be my only "choice" otherwise.

I'm sick of rich people touting their right of "choice" Money buys your choice. Your health care is a privilege, not a right! A huge portion of the working class in this country have no choice at all. Try learning some empathy.