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Friday, July 3, 2009

Thank you Sarah Palin!

Although the pundits are already saying that Sarah Palin's decision "to quit her job", as they put it, will kill her political career, I for one think her move was brilliant! She is definitely someone who follows her own lead and this drives both, her enemies and the pundits crazy! She made the right move for whatever path(s) she wishes to follow. She needed freedom and being governor at this time was not only holding her back from a brighter future, it was draining Alaska's and her own finances with all the stupid legal suits that have been thrown against her.

"Barracuda Sarah" can now do whatever her heart and mind advices her to do. I am sure she will do great in any career she chooses. She is a young, strong minded, energetic, intelligent and beautiful woman and the world is full of possibilities for her. From following Palin during the past and post campaign periods, I predict she will be in the news for a very, very long time. Most of the Republican men hate her because she is a huge threat to their 2012 ambitions and the Democrats know she is by far the most popular person around to upset future victories. She can raise a lot of money and that is not good news for her enemies.

Today, in CNN's (Much Bias, Much Bull) Situation Room, they discussed that Palin would now loose those in the Republican establishment, really? She never had them by her side! There was one small thing they forgot to take into consideration: the voters! They are the ones that choose their candidates and I think Sarah has a lot of them pushing for her.

So for now, at least, Sarah gave us a break in the news cycle with her unexpected announcement. The Michael Jackson coverage, which the mainstream media has dedicated the past eight days to (neglecting all other important issues going on in our country), took a small leave of absence and gave us something new to talk and write about.

Thanks Sarah and good luck in your new life!

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Masha said...

Good luck, Sarah, we're rooting for ya!