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Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's your lucky day, Cleveland! Dr. Obama's Traveling Medicine Show is in town!

Step right up, folks. Press in close around the wagon and hear the good doctor pronounce with preternatural poise on the prodigiously potent properties of his potion, a panacea so powerful that he predicts -- nay, promises! -- that it will prevail even over the laws of economics.
But only if you believe.
My dear people, Dr. Obama doesn't want your money. Oh, no. Not today.
What he wants today, ladies and gentlemen, is your trust. What he needs today is your faith.
And it must be today.
So put down your calculators, your gloomy Congressional Budget Office reports, your just-released public opinion polls that indicate spreading doubts about this miracle remedy for all things that ail you and the country.

If you have any misgivings of your own, please, please just wash them down with a long, comforting swallow of Dr. Obama's magical elixir.
Let go of your fears, friends. Trust. Believe. Now. We really do need to move this along.
The longer it takes to get this thing through Congress, the greater the likelihood that someone will read it, and we won't get through at all.
And then, as Dr. Obama made quite clear in his radio address last Saturday, the chance to fix health care in America might be lost "for generations."
Yes, generations. It's now or almost never, because . . . um . . . well . . . because he says so.
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