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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obama's Failed charm offensive

What did President Obama achieve for himself and for America during last week's summit of the Group of Eight leading industrial nations in L'Aquila, Italy? Not much.
Despite what presumably was his best effort at using the charm, personality and teleprompter that catapulted him into office, he was unsuccessful in persuading either wealthy or developing nations to sign off on a plan to combat global warming. It's not that he lacks support from the European media. CNN International and the BBC, among others, continue to blanket their networks with "green" propaganda in a disinformation blitz that would have made Joseph Goebbels proud.
If Mr. Obama can't persuade 17 of the world's leading polluters to do more than pump out political hot air with nothing meaningful beyond unspecified pledges to reduce carbon emissions, why should Americans go it alone or with just some European nations joining us (maybe)? Congress favors a far more restrained approach to global climate change than those who pollute the planet far more than we do.

Honduras? The president is on the wrong side of that one, too. As Hondurans have demanded adherence to their constitution, the Obama administration has sided with a protege of Hugo Chavez's and the Castro brothers' who tried to obliterate it.


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