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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Don't blame town hall meetings!

President Obama has been unable to convince the American people of the benefits of the public option for health care reform simply because he has come up with the most incompetent strategy in history. The sales pitch, ads, and media interviews, were contradictory and failed to offer clear explanations on the contents of the plan and on how to cover its costs. It's almost as if he didn't really want to sell it to the American people.

The President couldn't even get enough support within his own party. Democrats began to back down when they saw their leader’s popularity plummet (especially among independent voters). The polls clearly showed that "The One" had failed to sell his high priority plan to the people. Americans just didn't believe him. And they certainly didn't trust the government to run their business. Americans want government to fix the economy and create new jobs, not to get them any deeper in debt with yet another federal program. Medicare and Medicaid are broke and so is Social Security, so what more proof could they want? And the revelation that the government was carrying out secret negotiations with pharmaceutical and insurance companies heightened their suspicions.

In his two most recent Town Hall meetings, our Commander in Chief made the following statement (sans TOTUS):

‘UPS, FedEx Doing Just Fine. It’s the Post Office That’s Always Having Problems’ . These unscripted moments helped confirmed the people's doubts. When POTUS accepts the fact that the private industry does better than our government, how can we, the people, trust them with our health issues?

The President pressured the Congress to rush a health project over a thousand pages long without giving legislators enough time even to read it. This is exactly how he rammed down our throats the second Stimulus Plan. And for what? The economy is still in the bunkers. Where are the jobs? And, at this point in time, the government can't even account for where the money went.

So don’t blame Republicans, or the participants of town hall meetings. Americans were doing what Americans do: speaking their minds. It's the people's chance to speak truth to power. Surprisingly, citizens who dared hold their president accountable were called “un- American" and "mobs" by Democrats in top level positions. The White House even asked citizens to report these "fishy" people directly to them. Shades of Castro, Chavez, Pinochet?

We do need health reform for all Americans, but not the “fishy” one imposed by the President.

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