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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Obama's great uncle at town hall meeting.Does not understand his nephew's health plan!

BROWN: Maybe. But today's deficit news makes the president's top priority an even tougher sell, as he struggles to convince America a pricey health care overhaul is also a step of necessity, not one of choice. The president's health care plan still murky to many, thousands of citizens flocking to town halls around the country seeking answers, and, today, one of them, the president's own great uncle.
CNN's Dana Bash spotted 92-year-old Ralph Dunham this morning at a town meeting in Fairfax, Virginia. He was looking for information.DANA BASH, CNN SENIOR CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Do you feel like you have a good grasp of what's in the plans for overhauling health care?
RALPH DUNHAM, PRESIDENT OBAMA'S GREAT-UNCLE: No, I don't, because the thing is over a 1,000 pages long, and the House and the Senate are going straighten out the two bills. And nobody knows what's going to be in it, I don't think.
BASH: Do you feel confused by it?
DUNHAM: I don't really know very much about it. I don't know whether to be confused or not. I'm hoping we get some information just like everyone else. BROWN: Now, Dunham tells Dana his great nephew, the president, needs to do a better job of reassuring the public about all this.

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