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Monday, August 17, 2009

Postal Employees hitting back at Obama for his comment at Town Halls

Postal employees are hitting back at President Obama for unfavorably comparing the USPS to Fed Ex and USPS, the Federal Times reports.
At a town hall last week, Obama cited the Postal Service's problems as evidence that a healthcare "public option" would not have an unfair advantage over private insurers.
"UPS and FedEx are doing just fine," Obama said at an event in Portsmouth, N.H., adding that "it's the Post Office that's always having problems.
Now, Ted Keating, President of the National Association of Postal Supervisors, fired off a letter to Obama calling the comparison a "kick in the chest."
With all of these efforts underway within the Postal Service community, it was a kick to the chest to have you take a shot at a group of federal employees who are working hard every day to support this country.
Employees of the Postal Service are largely represented by unions and management associations, all of whom strongly supported your candidacy last year. For our support we do not expect any special consideration. However, we would like to be treated fairly and not have our current situation misrepresented, especially by the Commander-in-Chief.

Source:Federal Times.

Download letter PDF here (Link from Federal Times)


Anonymous said...

I think that it is pretty lame of so called President Obama for making the comment regarding the Postal Service. It really shows how little he knows about the service. We don't get to cut deals with customers in order to obtain their business like UPS and FED-EX. Nor do we charge fuel surcharges when we feel like it. Nor do we charge for Saturday delivery, nor do we collect sales tax, but we seem to have to contribute much money to congress when there is a shortfall. We don't get to have a saving, or operate in the black. He may be your president but he will NEVER get my vote...hope the unions wake up.

Anonymous said...

Won't the Axelrodocratic Party feel funny when all the mailed-in political contributions are disappeared.

The mob don't have anything on the proud U.S. postal workers!

snark snark

It's a joke son!

Anonymous said...

Sure is interesting that this President speaks off the cuff on a daily basis. He does not understand he IS THE PRESIDENT. WORDS HAVE MEANING.

How long will the electorate give this guy a pass. He is on an apology tour abroad and now at home (for his own mistatements).

This is what you get when you elect a man with no previous work experience or track record. Scary, REALLY scary.

The nation with ADD will soon relaize that character and work experience do count for something. American Idol constestants get more scrutiny than this Joker ever did.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that article vanished fast down the memory hole. The Obamaniacs are getting better at this doubleplus ungood stuff.

Anonymous said...

President Obama is a brilliant person with a big heart, but he sure ran off the tracks with his "acted stupidly" comment and his recent words about the Postal Service. The USPS does a great job -- they basically compete against UPS and FedEx with both hands tied behind their backs due to government interference. Think about it: You can get your letter across the country in a couple days for just 44 cents! Let's let go of the anger (even though it's justified) -- and focus on health care. Let's devote our time and energy to promoting a public option to level the playing field with the profit-seeking private insurers.