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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New ACORN video: San Bernandino, Ca. Watch it here!


Mary Ellen said...

Looks like YouTube took it down, which doesn't surprise me, I'm sure they got word "from the top" (i.e. Rahm Emmanuel) that they didn't want this spreading around.

Mary Ellen said...

I see you have the YouTube running, thank you for stopping over to let me know!

This is so unbelievable, how in the world could the main stream media ignore this? And that woman, bragging about killing her husband and how she "laid some groundwork" to cover her tracks before she killed him.

Another thing, which struck me kind of funny, was that guy across the street, Jim?. He seemed to know the going rate for the "black girls" who were hooking on the streets near him. I guess he did some "research" of his own.

What a bunch of sickos. I guess in order to work for ACORN you have to be morally corrupt and extra points if you can kill somebody without batting an eye.