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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Campaign mode continues, now to the tune of "salsa".

“Buenos Noches, Welcome to the White House,” the president said Tuesday night as the South Lawn was transformed into “Fiesta Latina” – a night to celebrate Latin Music.
The president said that Latin music should not only be noted for the “spirit of diversity,” but also by the ability it has to make you want to just dance.
“Even though it's constantly evolving and changing, Latin music speaks to us in a language we can all understand -- about hope and joy, sorrow and pain, friendship and love. It moves us, and it tends to make us move a little bit ourselves.”
Later the Obama family got on stage for a few steps of the salsa – with first tweens Malia and Sasha trying to play percussion.
Famous Hispanics such as Jimmy Smits, Eva Longoria-Parker, the group Los Lobos, George Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Mary Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Sheila E, and Thalia were in the audience.
The president took a little ribbing on stage, at the expense of his recent Nobel Peace Prize win. (Continue reading here and watch the video)

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