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Friday, October 16, 2009

Did Harry Reid wish he had been on that balloon? And Obama gone from trying to do too much to not being able to finish much of anything.

He gets Vice President Joe Biden in to campaign for him Friday -- but only Falcon is answering (or not answering) tougher questions this week.
Reid, D-Nev., could begin to concentrate on his reelection fight (and he's got TV ads up already) if he could begin to get 60 votes together for a health care bill that liberals don't like and conservatives still aren't sold on (those negotiations not coming to a cable channel near you).
So Reid and his team are left to sort out some of the intricacies the White House has avoided.
And for President Obama, the charge and the challenge have inverted themselves: He's gone from trying to do too much to not being able to finish much of anything at all.
There's continuing indecision on health care; tinkering with the stimulus; slow-moving judicial confirmations; and a strangely public debate over Afghanistan policy (shouldn't that be the one that's deliberated in secret?) where events have a tendency to subsume discussions.
It helps to know if the Afghan government can be a true partner if you know what the Afghan government will be (and whether its leaders deserve to be there in the first place):
"An investigation of allegedly fraudulent ballots in Afghanistan's troubled election has reduced President Hamid Karzai's portion of the vote to about 47 percent, an outcome that will trigger a runoff between him and his closest competitor," Karen DeYoung and Joshua Partlow report in The Washington Post. "The tally by the U.N.-backed Electoral Complaints Commission, which one official called ‘stunning,' is due to be finalized Friday." (continues here at ABC News)

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