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Friday, October 30, 2009

The hope peddler: Obama's exploitation

In December 2007, just weeks before the New Hampshire primary, Sen. Barack Obama told a Manchester crowd, "When I hear other candidates say 'vote for me because I know how to work the system,' I have to remind them the system is not working for the American people. We don't need someone who can play the game better. We need to end the game playing."
If only he'd meant it.
"During his first nine months in office, President Obama has quietly rewarded scores of top Democratic donors with VIP access to the White House, private briefings with administration advisers and invitations to important speeches and town-hall meetings," The Washington Times reported yesterday.

A President opening his doors, and ears, to top donors? Nothing new there. But Obama promised he wouldn't operate that way.
In Manchester in September 2007, Obama said, "When the folks in Washington hear me speak, this is usually when they start rolling their eyes. 'Oh, there he goes talking about hope again. He's so naive. He's a hope peddler. He's a hope-monger.' Well, I stand guilty as charged."
Guilty indeed. Guilty of exploiting the hopes of the young and impressionable. What will become of their idealism when they realize they were used? (SOURCE)

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