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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Obama Nominated for Oscar

President Obama has been nominated for the 2010 Oscar in the Best Actor category for his role of president in the reality film; Obama: President and Messiah. Many Hollywood celebrities are supporting his nomination and demanding that an exception be made in his case even though acting in a role in real life has never been considered acceptable. "His acting is unprecedented, and an exception must be made. The president has played his role continuously, 24/7, on every sort of media for eight and a half months" argued one of the stars behind his nomination.
Furthermore rumors that Oprah Winfrey has called for the suspension of all other nominations in this category so that the Oscar may be unanimously awarded to the man she calls "The One" are being spread over the blogosphere. Some claim Winfrey even stated  that "There can really be no one more deserving."
This is the first time a sitting president has been nominated for his acting skills, and he is expected to win.
Thanks to Masha for this breaking "news" story.

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