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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The View sad because Hillary won't run again...

On Oct. 13 "The View" hosts reacted to the news that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had ruled out a future run for the presidency. "Hillary Clinton told Anne Curry that she will not be making another run for president of the United States, saying she loves her job as Secretary of State and is looking forward to retirement at some point ... Ya know, that kind of made me sad," Whoopi Goldberg lamented.

Sherri Shepherd called Hillary "victorious" - "an inspiration to women" - and equated the news of her retirement with "being hit in the pit of your stomach" and "deflating a balloon."

"Because - not ever calling Hillary Clinton a quitter, but it's something - even when she pulled out, I felt sad," Shepherd said. "Because as a woman, you just look at Hillary as, ‘You don't quit. You always keep going' ... The fact that she's saying, ‘I think I'm going to stop and retire,' it's just like, no, Hillary!"

While the rest of "The View" tsked and sighed their disappointment, Joy Behar explained why such an "ambitious" lady would throw in the towel. She said, "She doesn't have it in her to do the thing [presidential election] again. She can't do it again."

Goldberg quickly agreed, saying, "That running is really rough. It gets into your personal business. They talk about your legs. They talk about your mama."

"And they got on her when she was real and showed a tear, when they asked her, ‘How do you do it all?'" Shepherd added.

"It's a little bit sad because she is such a great lady, you know, she is such a great lady," Goldberg continued. "People say, ‘Would you ever run for an office?' And I think I wouldn't because it is so brutal .. It would kill me."

Behar empathized with Goldberg, saying she's been there and done that: "Just being in the public eye, I think, you get criticism. There are people who hate me, you know, because of my positions. On the right-wing blogs, they're all over me. And I don't read them, just F.Y.I. But Hillary, she had to endure it. She had to take it in."

If only she could muster the same sympathy for other embattled female politicians. "The View" notoriously ripped apart another 2008 candidate: Sarah Palin  (CONTINUES HERE)

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