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Monday, November 30, 2009

Democrats hope to raise cash off success of Palin's Going Rogue

The Dems are now hoping that the success of Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rogue, will galvanize the Dem base into coughing up fundraising dollars. From the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s latest fundraising email, to go out this afternoon:
She says that health insurance reform is “downright evil.” She says that President Obama is trying to create “death panels.” She even says that she hopes health care reform will be “dead on arrival.”
You and I know that the only thing dead on arrival whenever Sarah Palin grabs a microphone is the truth. Only now, her lie-riddled work of fiction called “Going Rogue” is selling like gangbusters — and it’s up to us to give it a proper response.
The media is closely watching to see how grassroots Democrats respond to Palin’s attacks before the all-important November FEC deadline that hits Midnight Tonight.

Help us raise $50,000 before Midnight Tonight for our Emergency Health Care Rapid Response Fund so health care supporting Democrats under attack by Sarah Palin and the right-wing lunatic fringe can fight back.
It’s standard fare for Dems to use Palin’s “lies” to raise cash, but the fact that Dems are now using her successful book sales to try to bring in the bucks is an interesting new twist, one that neatly highlights what pundits are calling the “enthusiasm gap” between the two parties. (source)

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