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Friday, November 6, 2009

DNC and White House see gay community as an ATM. Well, the GayTM just ran dry.

DNC Treasurer blames Aravosis for gay community anger at DNC/Obama
DNC Treasurer Andy Tobias joined in the comments section last night of John's latest post about the DNC's, and White House's, growing gay problem. And he wasn't very happy.
The post is about a leaked email from Tobias to DNC funders, in which Tobias admits that the DNC intentionally included Mainers in a mass email blitz to help NJ Governor Jon Corzine's re-election, rather than asking Mainers to help defeat ballot measure 1 which successfully repealed marriage equality for gay couples in that state. Previously, DNC officials had claimed that the emails were sent to Mainers as a "glitch."
The DNC's Tobias, a series of 11 comments spanning into the early hours of the morning, blames John for the increasingly strained relationship between the gay community and the Democratic party:
As these comments show, you are being quite effective in turning people against support of the Democrats. That, by definition, helps the Republicans.
That's priceless.
So, John is to blame for the Obama administration's infamous DOMA brief last June comparing same-sex relationships to incest and pedophilia. Right. I remember how hard John worked on that brief. Oh, right, it wasn't John who wrote that brief. Obama's Department of Justice did, and Obama's press secretary said the President stands behind it. (continues here)

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