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Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Families Favorable Ratings continue to decline in recent Gallup Polls.

Vice President Biden's Favorable Rating Continues to DeclineForty-two percent view vice president favorably, 40% unfavorablyby Jeffrey M. JonesPRINCETON, NJ -- After peaking at 59% last November, Vice President Joe Biden's favorable rating continues to decline and now stands at 42%. That barely exceeds his 40% unfavorable rating, and is easily his worst evaluation since last year's Democratic National Convention.
These data are based on the latest USA Today/Gallup poll, conducted Oct. 16-19. Biden's favorable rating has dropped by five or six points each of the last three times Gallup has updated it -- in January, before Barack Obama's inauguration; in July; and in the most recent poll.
Biden's sagging popularity is not unique in the Obama administration. President Obama's favorable rating has declined as well, though it has taken a slightly different trajectory than Biden's. Obama's popularity soared to a pre-inauguration high of 78%, and has declined to 55% in the current poll, with about half of that decline occurring between January and March, and the other half between July and October.
Even first lady Michelle Obama's favorability rating has gone down, from 72% in March to 61% now. (continues here)

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