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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Palin on "coin controversy"

It is stunning to read and hear about this “coin controversy.” At a recent speech in Milwaukee I discussed the troubling fact that we too often move God to the side in our public life, and gave as an example the shift of the words “In God We Trust” to the edge of the dollar coin. My comments were not about this President or this Congress – this change predated them. I was merely making a point about a disturbing trend in our country, after which I moved on to discuss some encouraging trends. People who try to read more into such straightforward comments are working hard to find a controversy where there is none. - Sarah Palin (source)

1 comment:

Mary Ellen said...

The media love to twist and misstate anything that Sarah Palin says and they hang on every word that the twit, Levi Johnson,says. It's ridiculous.