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Friday, November 13, 2009

Stephanopoulos: Can she recapture the Palin magic that made her a political phenomenon?

Will Palin Run? Can She Win?
Those are the two big questions that hang over the most spectacular book-a-palooza since Colin Powell’s “My American Journey” in 1995. “Going Rogue” (according to AP leak) appears to spend a little more time settling scores than “Journey.” Former McCain aides have already fired back at Palin’s contention that she was lulled into the Couric interview by Nicolle Wallace’s assurances that Couric would be sympathetic because she is a working mom with a “self-esteem” problem. Didn’t happen, says one: “Who ever heard of anyone in network news with a self-esteem problem?”

McCain aides also deny that Palin was charged $50,000 for her own campaign vetting. McCain did pile-up about $50,000 in legal bills from investigations launched by the Alaska legislature after the campaign began, and she did send reps to John McCain after the campaign to get some help paying them back. But that turned out to be unnecessary when Palin backers stepped in to raise the cash.
On the big question, only Palin knows if she even wants to run for President in 2012. But as Matt Continetti points out in a smart Wall Street Journal piece today, she can put herself in a position to run with a successful book tour aimed at two goals:
(continues here at ABC News)

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