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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Maureen Dowd seems to have lost all the HOPE. This time she strikes at "The Lady and The Tiger"

They were both elegant and entitled swans, insulated in guarded enclaves, obsessed with protecting and promoting the Brand. Then trouble trespassed into their privileged worlds and both responded the same foolish way.

They presumptuously put themselves beyond authority and, despite all the public relations support on earth, broke the first rule of scandal: Don’t stonewall. Admit your mistake before others piece together the embarrassing facts. Reflexive clampdowns don’t work in an era when privacy is passé and when some media outlets are out there giving cash incentives for true confessions and fake reality.
Some in the press still care about free speech; others are willing to pay for it.

Tiger Woods and Desiree Rogers are perfectionist high-achievers brought low. They both ran into that ubiquitous modern buzz saw of glossy celebrity wannabes — Vegas parasites and Washington parvenus.
Tiger, titan of the tees, drove into a hazard when he refused to talk to the Florida police and come cleaner, earlier. Desiree, queen of social networking, didn’t properly R.S.V.P. to the House Homeland Security Committee investigating the gate-crasher incident.
Even if Desiree thought Congress was grandstanding, it was goofy of her to use the Constitution to get out of a Congressional summons. The Obama White House is morphing into the Bush White House with frightening speed. Its transparency is already fogged up. (continues at NY Times)

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Archivist said...

Ms Dowd, I have read your columns for a long time, always with respect.

It does seem though, and this column is a perfect example, that you have joined the mass of reporters who have decided to appeal to the dumbed down version of 'news' rather than the thougtful commentary some of us still enjoy.

The whole freakin' press has become Palinized.