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Friday, January 22, 2010

Obama today: "We didn't forget seniors, we never forget seniors because they vote, and at very high rates"...

Did the media pick up on "The One's" latest "joke"? If they did, they sure aren't reporting it!

Today, speaking at a town-hall meeting at Lorain County Community College in Elyria, Ohio, our president took questions from some of those present. One of those chosen, was an 83 year old lady worried about the future of Social Security. At the 3:23 minute mark (in case you don't want to hear the lead to his comments) you can hear his explanation on why seniors are so important to his administration.

Full speech video can be found at CSPAN in case someone has doubts regarding this post.


Alessandro Machi said...

Can you loop the first four seconds of the audio over and over and over? Then maybe slow the pitch down and repeat the first four seconds some more, then maybe speed it up a bit and repeat it over and over?

Then maybe mix the entire song with the "pants on the ground song"? Might make a youtube sensation.

Mary Ellen said...

I wish I were there so I could inform Obama on how many levels they did forget seniors. For instance, Obama has targeted Medicare cuts which he calls wasteful spending, by not allowing what he calls, "unnecessary hospital readmission". So, seniors will not be able to be readmitted into the hospital if that is what their doctor calls for, because it won't be permitted by their medicare health care plan. It won't be the doctor making the decision, but some clown sitting in a cubicle at the Medicare offices.