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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DCCC wasting more money. Launched website "to provide Sarah Palin with a guide ..."

In an effort to stoke GOP divisions, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching a campaign Tuesday to highlight contentious House Republican contests.

Dubbing them “Palin’s Primaries,” the DCCC will use the intraparty races to underscore the divisions between establishment-backed Republican candidates and conservatives who are often the favorite of tea party movement activists.

Furthermore, Democrats aim to depict what they say is the impact of right-wing challenges on mainstream Republican candidates.

“This is not so much about the process but revealing where these Republicans truly stand on these issues,” said DCCC Executive Director Jon Vogel, noting that tea party-backed candidates are already pushing regular Republicans to embrace positions such as privatizing Social Security or cutting other entitlements to fend off the threat.

The committee has created a website devoted to tracking the contests and will aggressively tout new ones each week.

There are at least 55 House GOP primaries at the moment, and the DCCC is beginning with a handful of the most divisive ones. The initial list features contests in congressional districts such as Mississippi’s 1st, in which state Sen. Alan Nunnelee, the party-approved challenger to Democratic Rep. Travis Childers, is now facing a primary challenge from Angela McGlowan, a former Fox News analyst who announced her candidacy at the national tea party convention earlier this month. Also highlighted is the GOP race to unseat Rep. Thomas Perriello (D-Va.), in which the establishment candidate, state Sen. Robert Hurt, is taking on a group of self-funding Republicans and may well have a conservative third-party opponent this fall should he survive the primary.

On the website, next to a description of each race, is a picture of the district’s name scrawled on a hand — a sly reference to the former Alaska governor’s recent use of her palm as a notepad.

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