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Sunday, February 7, 2010

NYT's Big Paterson Bombshell Will Break Monday, Governor's Resignation To Follow

Update: The governor's office completely denies any plans to resign, and says "the Times story" will not run tomorrow.
Original post: This past week, a rumor emerged that the New York Times is working on a huge bombshell with plans to "Spitzerize" New York governor David Paterson.
Several media outlets have reported on these rumors.
Elizabeth Benjamin at The Daily News describes the report as "much worse" than the governor's previous admission of an affair with a state employee, though she declines to name NYT by name.
We've now heard from a single source familiar with the goings on at the Governor's office that the story will likely drop on Monday, and that the governor's resignation will follow.
We've not yet confirmed the timing of the article or the governor's future plans. (SOURCE)

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