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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Obama's overall approval rating has sunk to a new low

Obama's overall approval rating has sunk to a new low -- and independent voters who propelled him to the White House have gotten downright sick of the job he's doing, according to a devastating poll released yesterday.
Obama's job-approval rating has tanked to a dismal 29 percent among independents, the Marist College survey found. His disapproval rating is nearly twice as high -- 57 percent.
Obama's overall approval among all registered voters hit a new low of 44 percent, the lowest of any poll that uses people to survey voters.

The near-total loss of independents could prove catastrophic for Democrats if the trend holds through Election Day this year.

Democrats lost independents in off-year elections in New Jersey and Virginia, and most recently in Massachusetts last month, when the party lost Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat.

"The independents have become a problem," said Lee Miringoff, who conducted the poll. "They were his ticket to Washington, and now they're a problem."

Independents don't just disapprove of the job Obama is doing, they're tiring of him personally. His favorability rating among them is down to 39 percent, with a 59 percent unfavorable rating.

Last December, Obama's favorability rating among independents was just under 50 percent.

The dimming of Obama's halo has been reflected in the directness of the personal attacks against him, even as Obama makes new gestures to reach out to opponents on health care and other issues. (CONTINUES HERE)

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