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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Taking advantage of the media's hand-outs

8th District congressional candidate Donn Janes may be a man of no party and little cash but he has put together a pretty solid web advertisement that should get pretty wide distribution.
Playing off on the media firestorm which followed Sarah Palin’s speech to tea partiers in Nashville, Janes and supporters show the camera what they have scribbled on their hands. The candidate on the genesis of the idea:
“With the help of many volunteers and my wife I was able to put this video together very quickly in response to the latest bashing of Sarah Palin. She has been criticized over the past few days for the use of last minute notes she scribbled on her hand during the Tea Party event in Nashville, Tn earlier this month. While at a meet and greet party at a supporter’s house in Atoka, we came up with this idea. We thought since we don’t have a voice in Washington, what would we say, and the idea for the video started from there. Please view the video and leave a comment. Also please share this video with others.”(Source)

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