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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Hypocrisy of Harry Reid

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who didn't sign on to a pro-Israel letter that has the signatures of more than 80 Senators, penned his own missive to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today.

The nut of it:

I also believe that the United States should clearly, and unequivocally, state our continuing support for Israel and reiterate the unbreakable bond between the two nations. I recently hosted Prime Minister Netanyahu in a public meeting with a bipartisan group of Senators because I believe we must demonstrate our commitment to our democratic ally in the region. I hope that the Obama Administration will do everything possible to reduce recent tensions with Israel while reaffirming the need to move forward with the peace process. I urge you to encourage both sides to participate in direct negotiations, which Prime Minister Netanyahu has already agreed to do.

See letter and continue reading here

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