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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

“Nitwit central is headed our way, Boston,” warns left-wing site referring to Palin and Tea Party members

Hey, I can see Palin Derangement Syndrome from my house!

You’ll see it too if you come to Boston Common tomorrow morning when Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Express roll into town. I’ll be broadcasting my radio show live during the event and I’ve been asked to be part of the program as well. But what I’m really looking forward to is seeing the gathering of hate-spewing, anger-crazed lunatics.

Or as they’re more commonly known, “Massachusetts liberals.”

What - you think the Tea Partiers are angry? You obviously haven’t picked up the latest copy of the Weekly Dig, a local “progressive” publication that invited readers to design signage to welcome Palin and push back against Tea Party hate speech.

Among the signs published are several featuring a word very similar to “witch,” a couple of swastikas, a Hitler mustache and - in an odd move by anti-Second-Amendment liberals - one with an American flag, a bleeding tea bag and numerous bullet holes.

Stay classy, Boston liberals!

The problem with Palin is that, as everyone knows, she’s stupid. For example, she didn’t support President Barack Obama’s $787 billion stimulus (actual price tag: $860 billion and rising) which has created so many great jobs . . .

She ignorantly opposed the Obama administration’s decision to try Kalid Sheikh Mohammed and other 9/11 terrorists in Manhattan . . .

She made the idiotic claim that Obamacare would raise taxes on people earning less than $200,000 . . .

Anyway, Palin and the Tea Party movement are nothing but name-calling dolts, and so the only responsible, progressive thing to do when they come to Boston is to show up at their rally, wave idiotic signs and call them names.

No, really. According to several “progressive” Web sites, local libs are organizing to do just that on the Common tomorrow. “Nitwit central is headed our way, Boston,” warns one left-wing site bemoaning the “hatred being generated” by Tea Party protests. The Web site is urging followers to make their own signs parroting the “extremism” liberals expect to find there. So if you see a wildly offensive racist sign in downtown Boston - thank a liberal!

Why don’t supporters of Obamacare, the stimulus and other failed policies just have their own rally supporting their ideas? Other than because, well, they haven’t actually worked, I mean?

Because that’s not good enough for our irate liberals. Palin is “bringing her big hair . . . and legion of racist militia members to Boston,” complains Another online site screams “We can’t allow Sarah to take a big Alaskan Husky dump in our back yard!”

Like I said, “classy.”  (Continue reading here)

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