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Monday, May 31, 2010

National media traveling to Wasilla to see fence!

The “Today” show called Friday morning saying it plans to come up Monday and do some interviews about the fence Todd and Sarah Palin built on their property on Lake Lucille.

According to people who care about those things, the former governor wrote on her Facebook account that she was worried about the neighbor, Joe McGinnis, moving in. He’s the author of several books, one of which is an alleged non-fiction story about his exploits in Alaska titled “Going to Extremes.” That was published in 1980. It was a bible for all those who dreamed of moving here or were in the process. Local press wasn’t too kindly to it at the time, saying he missed a lot and exaggerated the rest.

Observers from Outside get that a lot.

McGinnis also wrote last year a fairly scathing article for Portfolio magazine — which no longer exists — about Palin’s plans, or not, for a gas pipeline.

So it’s not surprising she might be a little leery about her new neighbor.

Again, that happens a lot around here, regardless of notoriety.

Fences are built by people who want to keep their privacy or keep out the sight of their neighbors’ unsightly yards.

So the call from “Today,” quickly followed by a similar call from ABC news, seemed curious. The day before it was another national news outlet wanting to know if we had a photograph of the fence. There was an e-mail from Outside asking if the Palins were in compliance with city code. Another note suggested we assign someone to trace every move McGinnis makes while here and write a book about him to counter his about Palin.

Maybe we’re out of step here, but the unanimous consensus of the newsroom is that we don’t really care if the Palins want some privacy from what they worry might be prying eyes.

Fences have been known to make good neighbors and everybody knows we could use a lot more of those around here. So if the fence keeps McGinnis on one side and the Palins content, why would the “Today” show or ABC care?

Finally, those who are fond of Joe McGinnis might remind him (if he doesn’t already know) that Alaska has a law that allows the use of deadly force in protection of life and property. (Source)

Note: Thanks to Conservatives4Palin for this information and link

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