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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hot Air grabs first place in Technorati's political blog ranking pushing Huffington Post to 5th place.

Does holding power breed complacency online? The Daily Caller suggests so much in its story about a landmark moment on the political internet:
For the first time ever, conservative blogs hold the top two slots in’s political blog ranking, pushing The Huffington Post, the long-reigning champion, to the fifth slot. Conservative blogs also make up half of the top ten political blogs on the web, while the distinctly liberal blogs only claim two spaces.

With the turnover in power in Washington since November 2008, the progressives appear to have fallen into the same trap as the right did while in power. Compared to the noise they were making while former President George W. Bush held the White House, they have quieted down a bit online, opening an opportunity for their opponents to start taking the Web seriously.

The top 10 political blogs, according to Technorati, are now:

1) Hot Air
2) The Corner on National Review Online
3) Think Progress
4) CNN Political Ticker
5) The Huffington Post
6) Political Punch
7) The Daily Beast
8) RedState
9) American Thinker
10) NewsBusters

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Anonymous said...

90% of the traditional media have declined to inform and instaed they are "the means" of obama propaganda machinery,
very sad¡¡¡