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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Married CNN correspondent Jeffrey Toobin in court with woman who claims he's the father of her baby.

One of the media elite's most whispered-about scandals went public Wednesday when married CNN correspondent Jeffrey Toobin squared off with a woman who says he's the father of her baby.

Yale-educated lawyer Casey Greenfield - the daughter of eminent CBS News analyst Jeff Greenfield - had a chilly faceoff with Toobin in Manhattan Family Court.

The ex-lovers barely spoke in the waiting area before joining their lawyers behind closed doors with a court referee to hash out custody and money issues.

Toobin, who glumly sat several rows away from Casey Greenfield before the hearing, is said to have privately admitted to fathering the child, believed to have been born last summer, sources said.

A friend of Greenfield's said the outspoken Toobin has resisted putting his name on the infant's birth certificate and hasn't given his former lover the child support she's requested.

Greenfield, who wore a magenta blouse and dark tailored suit, has responded by refusing to let Toobin see the baby, the source said.

The ex-lovers and their lawyers declined all comment.

"Respectfully, I have nothing to say," said Toobin, who was nattily attired in a spread-collar tattersall shirt, striped tie and blue suit.

Greenfield and Toobin appeared to be doing their best to avoid eye contact before the hearing, which was closed to the media.

He had his nose buried in a newspaper. She vigorously typed on her smartphone. (continues here)

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