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Monday, July 19, 2010

The objective is to pit American against American.

It is becoming increasingly clear to anyone paying attention that the seeds of division are being sown with increased vigor by Obama's shadowy machine.

America, in her naiveté and eternal hopefulness, thought that electing Barack Hussein Obama would be the final chapter on race in America, and would hammer the last nail into a well-deserved coffin for the divisive racial narratives that demagogues and provocateurs have used for so long to tear down this country. Little did America know that Barack Obama was the candidate of exactly those demagogues and provocateurs.

In a stunning reversal of decades of progress and harmony, during which spokesmen from the hate fringe like Louis Farrakhan were cast outside the realm of decent society, Obama's presidency has ushered in the era of the hater. In the new doublespeak, hate is good.

Sowing the seeds of division is a pillar of Obama's short but destructive presidency. It started early. The Boston incident involving Henry Louis Gates gave a clear indication of how he would enflame the populace with racist rhetoric. Back in July 2009, in a prime-time press conference, Obama smeared and libeled a good, decent (white) police officer with a spurious charge of racism. The police officer was just doing his job. In fact, the perp was the racist and the hater:

And every single good decent American who is standing up for individual freedoms, small government, and self-reliance is now evil.

Obama grabbed the opportunity on national television, in yet another seizure of the airwaves, to divide and create discord. I wrote about it here. That incident was not a blip, but an opening salvo.
Obama and company's opening salvo. That was a red flag for America.  (Continues here)

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