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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Picture reaches LA Times

Again, we have a surreal photograph of President Barack Obama in action. This time the confused Democrat is caught in the New Orleans rain with a wide umbrella, a narrow gate and no White House staff to help.

Possible captions include:

-- Was this umbrella from the Bush era?

-- Get me Petraeus!

-- Honey, maybe if you climb up and over the gate......

-- Where the #$&\* is Rahm when you need him?

-- No, I never ran a private business. Senators have staff for this.

-- We need a new federal program to design collapsible umbrellas for tight spaces.

-- Umbrella was an elective at Harvard.

-- OK, so the top of the gate represents 37 million uninsured Americans. Now, if we raise the price of health insurance for everyone up to here....

-- Julie Andrews made this look so easy.

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Barack Obama, at secret door, atop a mystery stairway to somewhere  (Source LA Times)

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