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Monday, September 20, 2010

They want to leave early... Wonder why...

House leaders are considering adjourning as early as the end of this week, which would give lawmakers five and a half weeks to campaign before the Nov. 2 election but could also leave them exposed to allegations that they didn't finish their work in Washington.

The House hasn’t adjourned before Sept. 30 in an election year since 1960.

House Democratic leaders are scheduled to meet tomorrow among themselves and, separately, with Senate leaders. It should become more clear after those meetings whether they intend to go home earlier than anticipated.

The continuing resolution, colloquially known as a "CR," keeps the government in operation when Congress has failed to complete the annual spending bills that fund various government departments and agencies for the new fiscal year beginning on Oct. 1. This Congress has not only failed to pass annual appropriations bills, it did not approve an annual budget blueprint either. (See full story here)

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