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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vetting Sarah Palin—The Assignment of a Lifetime

Why this assignment; why now? With 45 days currently remaining until the November 2, 2010 general elections—unquestionably the single most important elections of a generation in which a president is NOT being chosen—America’s future leaders are being clearly defined by voters across the nation.

By Christopher Massie, Canada Free Press Sunday, September 19, 2010

s this process gloriously unfolds, closet doors are being opened, exposing ghosts heretofore unrevealed to the Conservative voters. These spirits haunt even the MOST Conservative political figures amongst us in these countdown days to the inevitable changing of the guard—and the revelations are shocking.


Charles Krauthammer M.D., a Harvard educated, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the Washington Post, whose syndicated articles appear in magazines and papers across the country—and who is also a frequent guest on Fox News—has clearly miscalculated the viability of one of the most important Palin-endorsed candidates for the United States Senate of this election cycle.

This denouncement of Christine O’Donnell by Krauthammer, as witnessed on the Bill O’Reilly Show on Fox News, included unnecessary as well as absolutely uncalled-for potshots at Sarah Palin. Inferring that Palin is less well politically educated than Biden, for example, was one of the most insulting and party-dividing statements a so-called Conservative has lobbed at this nation’s most important Conservative figure-head in years. That one statement set Palin and the Conservative movement on its heels. And further revealed the classic disconnect between old boy Republicans the likes of Krauthammer, and true Conservatives in the vein of Sarah Palin.

Additional attacks against O’Donnell—further exposing the evil spirits lurking within the GOP establishment—would be heard from the mouth of Karl Rove recently, as well. Another once deeply respected and admired member of the Republican Party, this man—some say, THE man—was responsible for every successful move George W Bush ever made—so much so that Bush dubbed Rove “the Architect”. Rove, too is a regular contributor on Fox News.

Once head of the Office of Political Affairs, the Office of Political Liaison, as well as the White House Office of Strategic Initiatives, Rove, when interviewed on the Sean Hannity Show on Fox News, was inexcusably, blatantly dismissive of Christine O’Donnell. In his interview, Karl Rove would declare the loser in the Delaware race, Mike Castle, “the most beloved political figure” in the state. Then, without taking a breath, he disregarded the winner O’Donnell as being someone with no appeal. He would argue tooth and nail with Hannity in that interview, pounding away at Conservatives (inferring Sarah Palin) while promising to support Republicans (anyone other than O’Donnell)—only later, ironically, being exposed as a Castle supporter.

His rhetoric could be described as being nothing more than a blatant attempt to drive a wedge into the Republican community. He failed to realize, though, that while it surely must have appeared shocking to Palin, his unprofessionalism ultimately served to galvanize the Tea Party movement.

There is a wave now clearly rising. There is a movement very definable now fully exposing itself to America. The Tea Party now has more successful wins to its credit within a condensed time frame than any other American political movement can rightfully claim. This movement is alive, palpable, real, not to be ignored and poised to return America to its position as that Shining City Upon the Hill. And one individual is responsible for this momentum.  (Continues here)
That person is Sarah Louise Palin—and this is her vetting.


Sarah Palin, a 46 year old, self-described “Bible-believing Christian”, born in Sandpoint, Idaho, the United States of America, has represented Conservative Constitutionalism, small business entrepreneurs, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, non-partisanship, pro-life advocacy, the Amendments (as a staunch Constitutionalist), but in particular the 2nd, and political term limits (among her most prominent platforms) her entire political career. She abhors wasteful government spending—a cause Palin is so deeply passionate towards it would launch her Mayoral career in 1995—and Palin considers the current administration the bane of current as well as future generations to come.

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