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Friday, September 3, 2010

What? Harold Ford Jr., A Democrat, Pumps Palin For President. SF media mad!

From SF Chronicle:

This space never has had anything negative to blog about Former Congressman Harold Ford Jr. until today. His statement about Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was so grating the television set was turned off.

Ford said that Palin was going to run for President and that she was "formidable." That was when this space wondered if Ford was being paid by a Republican operative.

Sarah Palin has so many errors and mistakes that will be tossed back at her in the middle of a presidential campaign it would be embarrassing. Ford saying she was "formidable" just gives hope to her foolish faithful. There's not much more to say there.

But there is more to say about Ford claiming he's a Democrat but, and beyond Sarah Palin, sounding like he's a Republican when on MSNBC's Morning Joe. Instead of talking about what's wrong with Republicans and The Tea Party, he goes all Fox News on us and talks about what's right with Republicans.

Now I know Ford's trying to get paid by someone with the GOP. The best move for Ford is to get out of the Democratic Party. (Source)

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