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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Alaska Dems calling Lisa Murk....???? a liar due to false claim

Alaska Democrats are calling Sen. Lisa Murkowski a liar, after a mailer went out to many Anchorage residents claiming notable Democrats would be voting for her.

In a statement Murkowski's campaign manager Kevin Sweeney says the mistake was the campaign's fault, saying they forgot to change the headline.

The mailer's banner states: "Alaskan Democrats Who Are Voting for Lisa Murkowski -- and not Scott McAdams." Below the headline are several quotes from politicians including Democratic gubernatorial candidates Ethan Berkowitz and Bob Poe, who dropped out of the governor's race.

Alaska Democratic Party Chair Patti Higgins says some of the quotes used about the sitting senator are from the past, and many of the candidates have openly stated they will be voting for Scott McAdams.

"If you're going to be a United States senator then you have to be more careful than that," Higgins says. "When you go out with a hard hitting piece claiming more support than you have and it's deceiving, it shows she is desperate."

The Murkowski campaign refused to make a campaign official available to talk with KTVA-CBS 11 News, only providing Sweeney's statement:

"We made last minute changes to the flier and in doing so, we should have changed the headline to read: "What Alaskan Democrats are saying about Lisa Murkowski." We failed to make the change; it was the campaign's fault. This afternoon, the Murkowski campaign called and explained the error to both the campaigns of Mr. Berkowitz and Mr. McAdams. In addition Lisa herself reached out to Ethan to explain the mistake. Both campaigns were also offered an apology. It's unfortunate that rather than accept the apology, they would choose to blow it out of proportion and attempt to make it a news story out of it."

From Joe Miller campaign spokesman Randy DeSoto:

"It's often said that politicians talk out of both sides of their mouths. This week Lisa is proved to be quite the politician. First she claimed that Republican leaders were 'secretly' hoping she would win, just as Republicans in Alaska and in DC were redoubling their commitment to Joe. At the same time, she's telling Democratic voters that Democratic leaders are supporting her. Lisa may think Alaskan voters aren't smart enough to know better, but we know Alaskans want straight talk not politician double-speak. Republican and Democratic voters will send Lisa home on November 2nd before she can do any more damage to our state and our country."
Source: ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTVA-CBS 11 News) 

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